That a casual vacancy has arisen in the office of councillor for the above town council.

If, within 14 working days of the date of this notice, a request for an election to fill said vacancy is made in writing to the Returning Officer at the address below by TEN electors for the said town ward, an election will be held to fill the vacancy, otherwise the vacancy will be filled by co-option.

If you require any further information or advice on requesting an election, please contact Electoral Services on 01884 255255 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dated: 2nd March 2018

Jill May
Returning Officer
Phoenix House
Phoenix Lane
EX16 6PP

All Town Councillors have email addresses at the Council's own domain: This page is intended to provide the information needed to enable individual Councillors to set up their own devices to access their accounts.


The simplest way is to use a web browser such as Internet Explorer on Windows computers or Safari on Macs. Some people install alternative web browsers such Firefox, Chromium and Opera and these should work just as well. Everyone needs to familiarise themselves with this method because it is the only way that you can change your password.

All you need to do is connect to the email login page and enter your email address as the username and your password.

The first time you use it you need to re-set your password to something that only you know. (The usual password advice applies!) To do this click on Settings at the upper right. Then select Password on the left. Fill in the form which appears and click on Save. It should then say Successfully Saved in the lower right for a few seconds. Click Mail at the upper right to get back to your email.

Mobile Phones and iPads  

Mobile smartphones arrive with a built-in email app. It is possible to add your Council email account so that you can use your phone to access your email when you are out and about. Below is how to set up iPhones (and iPads) and Android phones.

  iPhone and iPad  

These details are from setting up an iPhone with IOS 10.3.2. Other versions should be similar.

Go to the Settings app and scroll down and select Mail.
Select Accounts,
Select Add Account,
Select Other,
Select Add Mail Account,
Fill in your Name, your Council email address, your password and something like 'Town Council' as the Description,
Select Next,
Ensure IMAP is selected.
Enter as the Host Name,
Enter your Council email address as the Username,
Enter your password.
Scroll down and in the OUTGOING MAIL SERVER section:
Enter as the Host name.
Enter your Council email address as the Username,
Enter your password.
Select Next and then Save.
Close the Settings app.
You will then see the Town Council mail account in the list of accounts in the Mail app.

  Android Phones

These details are from setting up a Samsung Galaxy running Android version 4.1.2. Other versions should be similar.

Start the Settings app and in the Accounts section, select Add Account,
Enter your Council email address and password
You probably want to leave the Send email from this account by default blank.
Select Manual Setup,
Select IMAP account,
Enter your Council email address as the Username,
Enter your password,
Enter as the IMAP server,
Select SSL'as the Security type,
The Port should already be set to 993,
Leave the IMAP path prefix blank,
Select Next,
Set the SMTP server as,
Select SSL as the Security type,
The Port should already be set to 465,
Check that there is a tick by Require sign-in,
Enter your Council email address as the User name (probably already filled in),
Enter your password
Select Next
Select Next again.
It should then say that the account is set up. Put Town Council or similar as the Account name.
Put your name in the Your name box and select Done.

Specialist Email Programs  

Some people use specialist email programs such as Thunderbird and Opera Mail rather than a web browser. These programs generally provide more facilites than web browsers. Note, however, that they do not allow you to re-set your password. It is assumed that people using this type of program will be familiar with the process for adding an extra account. The following information is what will be needed:


It is verry important that you select IMAP, not POP or POP3.
IMAP Server Address:
IMAP Port: 993
IMAP Security: SSL/TLS
IMAP Authentication Type: Normal password
IMAP Username: Your Council email address
IMAP Password: Your Council email password
SMTP Server Address:
SMTP Port: 465
SMTP Security: SSL/TLS
SMTP Username: Your Council email address
SMTP Password: Your Council email password
SMTP Authentication Type: Normal password

Below are links to the minutes of the Full Town Council and its Committees and also those of the Annual Parish Meeting.

Only the minutes for the last 12 months are provided on-line; for earlier meetings you will need to contact the Town Clerk whose details can be found in the Contacts section.



For the purposes of the Council Tax all dwellings are placed into value bands from A(lowest value) to H(highest value), with band D being used as the reference band.  For 2016-17 the Bradninch Town precept was £39.01 per band D property.

The Council reports its accounts to the Annual Parish Meeting and a copy of the report for the accounts for the 2015-2016 financial year can be found here:

A report on the accounts is also submitted to an external auditor. Below is a copy of the formal notification of the Commencement Period for the Exercise of Public Rights:

2016 Audit

2016 Audit

The Town Council receives income from a variety of sources, such as burial ground fees and allotment rents.  However, by far the largest source is the precept.  The precept is a small proportion of the Council Tax that every household pays each year.  The Town Council decides each year how much this should be in order to fund its day to day operations.  It is the duty of the Town Clerk, as the Responsible Financial Officer for the Council, to ensure that proper records are kept and to ensure that these records are audited by a qualified accountant.  A report is also submitted to an external auditor appointed by central government.

Summary reports can be found by following the links below: