To support the Town Council's Millway Traffic Survey several photographs were taken to show the different sections of Millway.  During the survey photographs were taken of some of the situations which were observed.  These were either to illustrate the difficulty vehicles can have to pass along Millway or to illustrate potentially dangerous events.  The photographs follow:

Millway around the Guildhall, Surgery and Baptist Church viewed facing from the Fore Street end.  The person carrying out the survey at that time can be seen in the forecourt of the Surgery.  The Surgery forecourt was the location used by all the surveyors.


This also shows vehicles parked on the pavement to avoid blocking the road.


Facing back from the entrance to the Baptist Church facing towards Fore Street.


This shows an example of a delivery van parked on the pavement in order to park within a reasonable distance of the delivery address.

The view from the entrance to the Surgery facing away from Fore Street. cnv00047
cnv00016 The entrance to Bradninch The Duchy Pre-School and Playgroup.  This is at the narrowest point on Millway at a point where the footpath ends.
The view from just before the Playgroup entrance up Millway away from Fore Street.  This shows the front doors of the houses on the left opening straight onto the road. cnv00017
cnv00014 The view back towards Fore Street of the houses which open straight onto Millway.
The junctions with Culver Close (on the left) and Millway gardens (beyond the car on the right).  This is another pinch-point which is often made narrower by parked cars. cnv00013
cnv00012 The same location as above but facing back towards Fore Street.
The view back from the entrance to Cemetery Lane. cnv00005
cnv00010 The entrance to Kensham Close.
Facing back towards Fore Street from close to where Millway changes to Kensham Avenue. cnv00006
cnv00007 The entrance to the Kensham Recreation ground, the Cricket ground, Bowling green and Tennis courts.
The view down Kensham Avenue.  The parked cars indicate that there was probably a football match in progress.  The Football field is on the left around the place where the pedestrians can be seen. cnv00008
cnv00015 Here a car has mounted the pavement to allow a van to pass in the other direction.
A van has had to mount the pavement because a parked car has left insufficient room on the road. cnv00021
cnv00029 A large tractor with a trailer is blocked by a car unloading to one of the houses.
Even at one of the wider places a car has had to mount the pavement to allow several cars to pass the other way. cnv00004
cnv00032 A milk tanker which frequently collects milk from a farm which can only be accessed via Milway is blocked by a van making a delivery.
This shows that the milk tanker needs the full width of this section of the road. cnv00033
cnv00044 A delivery van has reversed onto the pavement.
A delivery van is blocking the narrow part of the road while a delivery is made. cnv00045
cnv00046 A large van has parked on the pavement outside the Surgery.
This agricultural vehicle can pass the van only because the van has parked on the pavement. cnv00050
cnv00055 A car has mounted the pavement on the wrong side of the road to allow a tractor and trailer to pass.
Seen on 22nd May 2012, A lorry is trying to pass a refuse lorry while a large tractor and trailer waits behind! cnv00050