The trustees of Bradninch Town Trust are actually trustees of four registered charities: Bradninch Town Trust, Bradninch Parochial Charities, George Pearce's Educational Foundation and Roger Hepburn Educational Foundation.

The first two have 'linked charities' which simplifies administration. There are also two closed charities. The details are as follows:


Bradninch Town Trust

Charity Commission Number: 200847

Schemes: 5 Mar 1889, 27 Mar 1914, 28 Aug 1931

Objects: To maintain the Town Hall as a reading room and a place of recreation and assembly for the inhabitants of Bradninch. Any residue of income may be applied for the public benefit of the inhabitants of Bradninch.

Linked Charities:

Sarah Ann Morgan (200847-1)

Schemes: Will dated 12 Nov 1946

Object: Income for distribution among the deserving poor widows or spinsters over 70 years of age.


Bradninch Parochial Charities

Charity Commission Number: 201496

Schemes: 7 Nov 1893, 11 Dec 1917, 22 July 1955

Objects: For the general benefit of the poor.

Linked Charities:

Sir John Acland (201496-1)

John Hill (201496-2)

Corporation Charity (201496-3)

Samuel Whitney (201496-4)

Andrew Bowden (Bread Charities) (201496-5)

John Jervis (Bread Charities) (201496-6)

John Dewdney (Bread Charities) (201496-7)

John Parsons Were (Bread Charities) (201496-8)

William Stark (201496-9)

Daniel Middleton (201496-10)

Henry Linnington (201496-11)

George Pearse (201496-12)

Susan Matthews (201496-13)

Honourable George West (201496-14)

The scheme of 7 Nov 1893 also established a property repair fund.


George Pearse's Educational Foundation

Charity Commission Number: 306850

Schemes: 17 Nov 1893

Objects: Benefit of the National Schools.


Roger Hepburn Educational Foundation

Charity Commission Number: 306923

Schemes: 11 Nov 1957, 13 Mar 1980

Objects: Exhibitions tenable at any secondary school, training college, university or institution of further education. Financial assistance upon entering any trade or calling. Maintenance allowances. Otherwise promoting the education (including social and physical training) of beneficiaries who have not attained 25 years of age and resident in Bradninch. If in so far as the income is not required for the above, the charity may then apply the same in or towards providing such special benefits of any kind not normally provided by the local education authority for any maintained school in the area of benefit as the trustees think fit.


Charlotte Murch's Charity (Closed)

Charity Commission Number: 201772

Schemes: Will dated 9 Jan 1894

Closed: 20 Sep 2011

Objects: For distribution annually to 8 poor widows of the parish on the 25th Dec in every year.


Thomas King Charity (Closed)

Charity Commission Number: 201771

Schemes: Will dated 5 Nov 1896

Closed: 21 Dec 1979

Objects: income to be divided among the poor over sixty years of age on the 21st day of December in each and every year.



We have the following:

The Town Trust with the Sarah Ann Morgan widows’ and spinsters’ charity.

The Parochial Charities with the 14 linked charities listed above.

George Pearse's Educational Foundation

Roger Hepburn Educational Foundation