Fielding calls for bookings
Fitting bookings into Guildhall availability
Arranging timings to maximise usage
Improve marketing of facilities
Liaising with tutors for extra classes or changes to their classes
Making alternative arrangements where possible especially during festival week
Being flexible and tactful to all users.
Keeping ahead of the work. No back logs to cause catch ups.
Treating all users with respect.

Using Excel for accounts
Invoicing for all bookings monthly
List of monthly invoices for reconciliation against payments
Chasing unpaid invoices
List of payments for banking
Running ledger for 3 accounts income/expenditure
Reconciliation for year end accounts preparation
Checking and reconciling bank transactions
Payments to bank
Chasing for bar accounts
Preparing annual accounts for all charities for presentation to annual parish meeting in April

Keeping up to date records of all investments including properties.
Liaising with financial advisors
Arranging for interest to be added to Britannia accounts
Properties and fields
Check regular rental payment receipts for properties, fields, land and send invoices where needed in timely manner 
Preparing monthly events programme for publication
Coffee mornings - organise for the year.
Arranging cover for short notice coffee morning cancellations
Completing annual returns for charities commission
Checking charity commission regulations
Buildings insurance for cottages
Buildings/contents insurance for Guildhall
Directors and officers insurance
Caretaker tasks
Ensuring cleanliness of facilities
Ensuring all equipment is in good order and suitable for use i.e electrics, gas, water, kitchen items and cookers working efficiently
Acquiring quotes for repairs or improvements
Preparing and researching suitable funding streams for projects
Preparing agenda
Collating paperwork
Send out 7 days before meetings to all members
Minute meetings
Report on accounts
Report on properties
Any other business
Typing up minutes
Circulating to members
Carry out actions from minutes
Delegate where possibleArranging repairs and maintenance for properties
Staff wages - monthly
Operate HMRC Software for payments and tax
Year end returns to HMRC
P35 returns
Prepare P60 for staff
Calculate staff tax codes
Pensions provision for new eligible staff from 2016
Guildhall management committee
Arranging meetings of group
Discussing future events
Fielding problems for town trust
Problem solving at short notice.
Correspondence with professionals, tenants, suppliers etc.
Using petty cash appropriately providing legitimate receipts
Keeping all users happy

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