Welcome to our town

Introducing the Mayor.

When I moved to Bradninch 15 years ago with my husband and 2 teenage children I was certainly not thinking about joining the Town Council or becoming Mayor but here I am! Two chance conversations with the then Mayor, Councillor Jane Webber – the first one about household rubbish and the second about a vacancy on the Council - led to me joining the Council in the summer of 2015. After two years chairing the Planning Committee I became Deputy Mayor in January and now feel very privileged to have been elected as Chair of Bradninch Town Council and Mayor. My nominated charity for the year is Bradninch Scouts.

We relocated to Devon (and Bradninch) when the Met Office moved from Berkshire in 2003 and I continued working for the Met Office until last July, most recently in project management roles. Away from work I joined the St. Disen’s bell ringers, Bradninch Festival Choir and Cullompton Bridge Club and went on the summer footpath walks. Having given up full-time work I am now able to spend more time on Council matters and looking after our 3 cats! My husband Malcolm still works full time and recently joined Bradninch Bowls Club. Our children have left home and both work in Bristol.

The coming year is certain to be busy, with the enhancements to the Recreation Ground, the Musical Gardens and Music Festival weekends in June and commemoration of the centenary of the end of World War 1 plus many other events. We are also facing the extended closure of Station Road, Hele and at the time of writing the exact dates of the closure and impact on bus services are still to be confirmed.

Bradninch is a fantastic and welcoming place to live, with a huge range of activities and entertainment to get involved with and I will do my best to make sure that it continues to thrive. I hope to meet many of you at the Council Coffee Morning on 2 June, Musical Gardens (2/3 June) and the Music Festival weekend (8-10 June).

Best Wishes

Catherine Boyack


Mayor's Diary November/December 2017

Monday 9th October

Town Council Finance
Full meetings

Tuesday 10 October

Devon Association of Local Councils AGM
Conference @ Exeter Racecourse

Friday 20 October

Community Speedwatch session

Saturday 21 October

Baptist Church Men’s Breakfast
Cancer Research Coffee Morning

Monday 30 October

MDDC Code of Conduct & Standards seminar (+ MT)

Tuesday 7 November

Agenda meeting with Clerk
Hele Society bi-monthly meeting

Friday 10 November

DCC Highways Town & Parish Councils’ meeting (tbc)

Saturday 11 November

Churchyard Working Party

Sunday 12 November

Remembrance Day ceremony and service

Monday 13 November

Full Town Council meeting

Forthcoming Events:


Thursday 16 November

Extraordinary Town Council meeting with Duchy

Saturday 18 November

Town Quiz

Sunday 26 November

Tree Planting, Townlands

Saturday 2 December

Christmas Lights Switch-On

Monday 4 December

Devon Association of Local Councils’ County Committee

Tuesday 5 December

Agenda meeting with Clerk

Thursday 7 December

Duchy School Christmas Lunch

Monday 11 December

Full Town Council meeting

Mayor's Diary September/October/November 2017

Tuesday 12th September

Hele Society meeting

Saturday 16th September

Bowling Club Coffee Morning

Monday 18 September

Heli Landing Site Planning Application meeting

Thursday 21 September


Saturday 23 September

Hele Society Working Party

Tuesday 26 September

Meeting with grounds contractor KJT

Saturday 30 September

Cricket Club Coffee Morning

Tuesday 3 October

Agenda meeting with Clerk
Allotments Committee meeting

Monday 9th October

Town Council Finance meeting
Town Council meeting

Forthcoming Events:


Tuesday 10 October

Devon Association of Local Councils AGM &
Conference @ Exeter Racecourse

Saturday 14 October

Hele Society Working Party

Saturday 21 October

Baptist Church Men’s Breakfast
Cancer Research Coffee Morning

Friday 27 October

Meeting with Duchy of Cornwall

Tuesday 7 November

Agenda meeting with Clerk
Hele Society bi-monthly meeting

Friday 10 November

DCC Highways Town & Parish Councils meeting

Monday 13 November

Town Council meeting

Mayor's Diary July/August/Septembe 2017

Saturday 22nd July

Air Ambulance Landing Site Coffee Morning
Ladies’ Breakfast (Vicki)
Hele Society AGM

Tuesday 25th July

Town Council Planning Committee

Friday 28th July

Clerk’s Annual Appraisal

Saturday 29th July

Men’s Breakfast @ Baptist Church
Support for Refugees Coffee Morning

Saturday 5th August

Memory Café Coffee Morning

Saturday 12th August

Air Ambulance Coffee Morning

Monday 14th August

Helipad meeting

Wednesday 16th August

Town Council Planning Committee

Saturday 19th August

St Petroc’s Coffee Morning

Tuesday 5th September

Agenda meeting with Clerk

Saturday 9th September

Defibrillator training at Guildhall
Twinning Group Coffee Morning

Monday 11th September

Town Council meeting

Tuesday 12th September

Hele Society meeting

Forthcoming Events:


Saturday 16th September

Bowling Club Coffee Morning

Monday 9th October

Town Council meeting

Mayor's Diary June/July 2017

Sunday 4th June

Musical Gardens

Monday 5th June

Opening of Memory Cafe at Baptist Church

Weekend Friday 9th - Sunday 11th June

Opening of Bradninch Music Festival, including judging of Best House Decoration, Junior Art & Bake-Off competitions; Festival Choir Concert; Songs of Praise service outside Guildhall & Classical Concert in St Disen’s Church.

Monday 12th June

Full Council Meeting

Tuesday 13th June

Phoenix Picnic at the Baptist Church

Saturday 24th June

Bradninch Youth Club Coffee Morning
Tiverton Town Council Dinner/Dance

Tuesday 27th June

Burials Committee

Friday 30th June

Community Speedwatch training

Monday 3rd July

Recreation & Amenities Committee

Tuesday 4th July

Agenda meeting with Clerk

Saturday 8th July

Bradninch Summer Fayre

Monday 10th July

Finance Committee and full Town Council meetings

Forthcoming Events:


Wednesday 12th July

Open Duchy School Sports Day

Saturday 15th July

Bradninch Rocks?

Monday 17th July

Devon Association of Local Councils County Committee

Wednesday 19th July

Property Inspection

Saturday 29th July

Mens’ Breakfast @ Baptist Church

Mayor's Diary May/June 2017

Tuesday 2nd May

Council Agenda meeting with Clerk

Monday 8th May

Full Council Meeting: elected Chairman and Mayor
Meeting with Churchwarden Gill Lucas re Civic Service

Tuesday 16th May

Bradninch Youth Centre Trust meeting (Chair)

Wednesday 17th May

Community Speedwatch training with Police

Sunday 21st May

Civic Service at St Disen’s Church (Full regalia)

Tuesday 30th May

New WI seat photo (Full regalia)

Forthcoming Events:


Sunday 4th June

Musical gardens + Festival Choir

Monday 5th June

Opening of Memory Cafe at Baptist Church: represented by Vicki

Weekend Friday 9th - Sunday 11th June  

Bradninch Music Festival, Including Festival Choir Concert and Town Litter Pick on Saturday 10th June

Monday 12th June

Full Council Meeting (plus Agenda meeting with the Clerk a week earlier)



Guildhall Saturday Coffee Mornings:

6th May - Cancer Research
13th May - Scouts’
20th May - Snack Pack
27th May - Town Council (Balloons)

Thursday 18th May


Tuesday 30th May

Hosts for Hele Society meeting

Mayor’s Report – November 2016

This past month I have been away on a family holiday to Rhodes, since my return I had the privilege of judging the Guy competition at the Bradninch bonfire and fireworks display. The display was again a fantastic event and all the organisers and groups should be proud of the evening and the fireworks themselves were amazing!

On remembrance Sunday I laid the wreath on behalf of the Town Council, it was a good crowd at the memorial and the Town Council was well represented. It is good that so many people were present to remember those who fought for Bradninch and the Country. Following on from the service I took a trip down to the Manor Farmhouse who had local crafts and paintings for sale, there were wonderful items and goes to show what a talented group of artists we have in the Town!

A busy month ahead with the Town Quiz, The Advent Sunday lunch at the Baptist Church and the Christmas Lights being switched on. I hope to see you at the coming events.

Luke Taylor, Mayor

Mayor’s Report – June 2016

Wow, what a busy month it has been!

Firstly I wish to take this opportunity to thank my fellow Councillors for electing me as Mayor to serve Bradninch for the coming year. It is a great honour to take this role on and one I look forward to carrying out.

This last month we held the Mayors coffee morning where funds were raised to go towards a new cooker at the Bradninch Youth Centre and quickly followed up with the civic service. Special thanks to Dawn and James for the service and the refreshments.

We held the Queens birthday celebrations on the last Saturday in May. We had a good turn out and the punch and Judy show was great and the kids loved it. We were lucky to have good weather and the Morris Dancers provided good traditional dances. Special thanks must be given to the WI and all those involved with the organising and baking of cakes.

I hear the musical gardens were another huge success and it is just a shame that I was away for the weekend. It is one of the few I have missed and I have heard so much about the fabulous gardens that were open.

This past weekend I had the pleasure in attending the Duchy School for their musical performance to open the music festival. It was a great event and the children were amazing as they opened the festival with an Olympics theme. I'm hoping I wasn't too much of a distraction in the robes.

The 16th music festivals were once again a fantastic showcase for Bradninch. The tireless efforts of Mike Leonard and Stewart Boyce have ensured there were great bands and events for all ages. The Castle, White Lion and The Kensham Club all helped to make sure the weekend was that extra bit special despite the rain There were also 2 great short plays by the the Bradninch Players and the few gusts of wind added to comedy value.

We are very fortunate in Bradninch that these events take place and we should all be extremely proud of the community spirit that occurs - it was lovely being able to speak to so many throughout the weekend - Bradninch was definitely out by force.

Luke Taylor, Mayor.

Mayor’s Report – April 2016

This is my last Mayoral contribution to the Magazine. The time always passes very quickly and by the time this is published, I’ll have returned from a short break ( trying to complete walking the coast of Carmarthenshire), in time to plant a very pretty tree (Prunus padus ‘Watereri’) in the Recreation Ground to commemorate HM The Queen’s 90th Birthday, then chaired the Annual Parish Meeting in the Guildhall, and performed my final duty on 9th May to hand over to the new Mayor.

Since the uncontested election last May when there was one initial vacancy for co-option in the first few months, there have been two resignations and some lengthy Councillor vacations overseas. We hope to co-opt to fill the current vacancies at the May meeting to bring us back up to strength. It quite often happens in the first year after an election that some drop-out occurs.

Since the March meeting we have had the Easter holiday (which our Clerk spent in America) and also the retirement of Rev. Judith Wright, Priest-in-Charge at St. Disen’s Church. Judith achieved much in the few years she held her part-time position here; she was supportive of the refurbishment of our Youth Centre and attended the opening ceremony in 2011, then worked for the successful refurbishment of St Disen’s Hall, the new ramp for easy access through the Church gates and she dealt with the necessary arrangements to ensure the proper use of the Church Car Park. Judith did other things for the parish, but I believe the items mentioned here will have a lasting positive impact. Happy Retirement, Judith!

On Maundy Thursday I found myself organising work to make safe a huge evergreen tree in the Churchyard. It had fallen in a storm to a precarious position at an angle over some headstones and with just about a quorum of Councillors, and yet another serious storm predicted that weekend, all agreed I would organise reducing its height by two thirds. Thank you those who cleared away the wood/debris.

Our District Councillor Luke has begun a monthly surgery on the first Saturday of the month at the Youth Centre, West End Road. I attended his first session and it was a good chance for discussion. He can take appropriate matters up with MDDC.

There is plenty on the agenda for the year ahead. Those at the Annual Parish Meeting will have seen the impressive and surprisingly long list of achievements since last April, as in our Parish Plan. I myself am looking forward to all the usual Summer events in the town and especially the visit here in July by our ‘Twins’ from the Community of Landunvez on the delightful coast of Britanny, particularly as it is the 40th anniversary of Twinning here. There are some new members both from Landunvez and in Bradninch this year and a very special welcome is the order of the weekend. I intend also to lead my usual August Wednesday Walks of the Bradninch Public Rights of Way for reporting purposes as well as the sheer enjoyment and good company. Last year’s report has borne fruit in that new gates and other improvements have been installed by D.C.C. See you there!

I may now have some time to catch up with my many hobbies, sizeable garden and fairly extensive family. Thank you all who have supported me and invited me to their events and celebrations.

Jane Webber, Mayor.


Mayor’s Report to the Annual Town Meeting, April 2016

It is usual for the Mayor’s Report at the Annual Parish Meeting to be kept short, to allow others to have their say before the end of the session. So, I shall not report on an endlessly long list of events in the year organised by numerous and active groups/clubs/organisations. We in Bradninch are fully aware that there is something ‘on’ at least every week, and perhaps every day. Thank you however, to all who included me in their activities. This is my third time as Mayor, a very privileged position, and one learns so much during the year of office – I have lived here 47 years (which of course makes me still an incomer!).

The year began with an uncontested election, when only 11 candidates stood. This is not at all pleasing for any of us, as that way no-one is actually voted onto the Council, being automatically elected. So, we were one Member short for the first months, but we are lucky to have co-opted Catherine Boyak who joined me as the second Member for the Rural Ward. The remainder of the year has been rather “short-staffed” owing to vacations and resignations and we are now in the process of co-opting to fill two vacancies (applications please by 6th May). This sometimes happens in the first year after an election, when new Members may drop out, and this also happened in my first Mayoral year, when there were five new Members, and two dropped out – exactly the same this year – but after that things should settle down. Sadly, my Deputy Elise Anne has now decided that the Mayoral commitment is a step too far for her this year, and so a new Mayor will be selected in May.

I thank those who have supported me and the Council this year. Annette Moore, Town Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer (“The Proper Officer” – our only officer) - who luckily has the patience to cope with what we throw at her. I do hope she enjoys the job – I know I did when in her position. She is the person who ‘executes’ all decisions of the Members (Town Councillors) and manages the finances. Next, thank you to Elise Anne, my Deputy for a second time, for her great support. She is one of our very best Councillors. Thank you to our active Members, and especially Phil Chambers without whom many of the initiatives would fall by the wayside – he quietly contributes so much (the web site, burial records, budgeting matters, Christmas lights). The Chairs of the Committees of the Council, Phil Chambers (Burials), Lloyd Knight (Recreation and Amenities), Rick Andrews/Catherine Boyak (Planning) and David Williams/Julie Drew (Allotments) – thank you all, and especially Catherine and Julie for stepping in during recent months in the absence of two Chairs. Thanks to our Caretaker/Cleaner Cliff Bennett, who looks after and reports daily on the conditions of the Kensham Ave. Recreation Ground and the thatched bus shelter - we hardly ever see him, because he gets on with his jobs early in the mornings! Thanks too to our voluntary Tree Warden, Adam Montague, who gives us valuable advice and practical help with matters involving trees – the results of his work can be seen all around us – lovely trees, Adam! Thanks again, to all those who run the Youth Club, taking full advantage of the refurbished Youth Centre building in West End Road – I feel so proud of that, and we are now looking forward to being able to replace the ancient window frames despite having our planning application for non-wooden ones turned down. The Town Council acts as Bradninch Youth Centre Trust (a separate body) and owns the building. The venue can be hired and is popular for meetings, the Morris Dancers and children’s parties. More thanks - to the Charwell Wetland Group who manage the Local Nature Reserve, a valuable local amenity, which we rent from the Duchy of Cornwall. The volunteers are making grand progress, making a difference, and will soon have grazing ponies installed as per the Management Plan. Many thanks too, to Jim Porteous, who now edits the Bradninch Magazine with such skill, even noticing if there is a stupid error in the draft – useful, that! Huge thanks are due to the Members and Clerk of The Town Trust, who have supported the work of the Town Council and given grants towards struggling projects; they do a very important service to our community, as per the guiding Schemes – I am a Town Trustee, and fully aware of the work they all do. Thanks to our County Councillor John Berry and District Councillors Luke Taylor and Rosemary Berry, who keep us well informed by reporting to and/or attending the monthly meetings of the Town Council, and take matters up for us with the County and District Councils. John’s DCC Locality Budget has been very usefully used towards suitable projects – thank you John! I also thank St Disen’s Church members for all their help with working parties to tidy the churchyard, the Town Council being responsible for its upkeep. A new contractor has been employed this year for the maintenance. All will be pleased to know that the main path is programmed for repairs and the handrail to be painted. We are grateful to both St Disen’s and the Baptist Churches for the Civic Service each May. This year the Service will be in the Baptist Church on 22nd May – see you there!

Unfortunately, it was necessary to increase the precept for this year, in preparation for new responsibilities such as mowing the grass verges, which other authorities do not intend to continue themselves. If we are to keep Bradninch tidy we have to pay for it, as there is a limit to the volunteering we can call upon! We rely heavily on grant funding for projects, but the day-to-day essential services have to be precepted for.

Achievements throughout the year, as shown on the Action Plan Review of the Parish Plan indicate a good deal of progress (not all by ourselves), and this is an on-going and useful Plan, which is often used as a guide. Please do read the report (circulated), as it is interesting and suffices to record work carried out during the year. Please feel welcome to ask questions on this at the end of the meeting.

The Emergency Plan is still at the ‘bare bones’ stage, more work needed and County meetings in the pipeline for that, but for your information and thanks to the Town Trust the Emergency Equipment Box is now situated on a shelf in the Guildhall front porch – for Emergency use only of course – and the defibrillator is fixed outside by the front door.

The responsibilities of the Town Council are regularly reviewed and actioned, thanks to a successful Committee System. This coming year will be a special one, with all the usual events, plus celebrations for The Queen’s 90th birthday. A special Tree Planting Ceremony took place in the Recreation Ground two days ago, birthday cards made by Duchy School children were sent in a large decorated envelope in time for her birthday on 21st April and a big party is to come on 28th May. Then, in July, for the celebration of the 40th anniversary of Twinning with Landunvez in Brittany, a good welcome will be given to our ‘twins’ for their visit in July.

Finally, I can announce that my chosen Mayoral Charity for the year (St. Disen’s Church Restoration Fund) + Ramp and Tiddlywinks benefited by £381.66 – an excellent total. Again I chose a Bradninch charity, my Councillor work being for the community.

Thank you all, for your support during the year.

Jane Webber, Mayor.


Mayor’s Report – February 2016

Each month brings something new and this February was no different. Thanks to ‘Hurricane Imogen’, for the first time in over 30 years, the Town Council meeting was postponed owing to an electricity power-cut. We met the following week and in fact we progressed some matters a bit sooner as a result. Years ago there were frequent power failures, so we were well prepared; the recent one has renewed our understanding of what is needed, which is useful for the Emergency Plan currently under review.

St. Disen’s Church Access Ramp: On 14th February (St. Valentine’s Day) Nigel and I attended the service and ribbon-cutting ceremony for the official ‘opening’ of the access ramp at the church gates. Afterwards, a cheerful parade of buggies led the way, ladies first, up the ramp and back to the church for a warming ‘cuppa’ and refreshments. Thanks to Rev. Judith and St. Disen’s Church, it was a most enjoyable morning attended by supporters, funders and well-wishers and was a great social opportunity too. A most successfully completed project with enduring benefits for our town, and I know that the P.C.C. are happy that the ramp should no longer need to appear on their agenda!

H.M. The Queen’s 90th Birthday: Matters have progressed on arrangements for celebrating Her Majesty’s birthday. A card will be sent to her from the town. The ‘Birthday Committee’ formed in November at our Town Meeting will now meet to arrange the party celebrations. It has transpired that street closure for the planned street party on 22nd May is not practicable and so a different party plan is expected. We have agreed to hold a ceremony to plant a specimen tree in the Recreation Ground on 23rd April for her actual birthday, and the party will take place there afterwards. Watch for further information. More trees will be planted in the Autumn to form an avenue, which will be another excuse for a ceremony! The national ‘Clean for the Queen’ project has been signed up to and we shall have a Town Litter Pick on 5th March, starting from the Guildhall between 10am and 12 noon and wearing fancy-dress royal head-gear if you wish. This general plan will spread the events across the year so that more of us can enjoy the special occasions. See you there!

Public Footpaths: The report which I prepared following the 2015 August Walks has borne fruit (!) and several items have been or will be put right. I am thrilled, as for many years nothing has resulted, so please enjoy those Public Rights of Way and please do join me in August this year – see you there!

Charwell Wetland: You may have noticed that our Local Nature Reserve in Charwell Meadow is looking particularly good, thanks to the work of the volunteers who manage it. A large area of undergrowth is clear and the fencing in place in preparation for grazing ponies at the appropriate time. More volunteers would be welcomed to give a hand here and there, and it is such a beautiful place to be – I love it – so who wouldn’t wish to be involved? (wearing wellies though, remembering it is a wetland!).

The A.P.M.: Looking forward now to another interesting gathering, which is the Annual Parish (Town) Meeting, in the Guildhall Reading Room on 25th April. This is always a thought-provoking and revealing meeting, when all electors and interested persons can attend, resolutions can be made and we hear reports from the groups in the town. Do come along - you may learn new things about your town, in fact I know you will! See you there! Items for the agenda can be sent to the Town Clerk.

Jane Webber, Mayor.


Mayor’s Report – January 2016

The days are already lengthening, the blue-tits are choosing nesting sites, the garden is full of flowers and the pond is a-bubble with spawning frogs. Hooray!


The approach to Christmas was so busy in every way, which began with an invitation to a superb Advent lunch in the Baptist Chapel and on the next day lunch with the Lord Mayor of Exeter in The Guildhall and Carols in the Cathedral with the W.I. Business matters of the Town Council and Town Trust, family gatherings, club/group Christmas parties, concerts and activities, all at the same time as personal preparations for the festivities – no wonder we often need a rest at the beginning of the New Year! The 12th Night Celebration saw us neatly from the Christmas Season into the year ahead. The lanterns were beautiful and despite being caught up in the centre of “Star Wars” before hurling the tree off the balcony, I really enjoyed the great occasion and the wonderful turnout. Thanks to Mike Leonard and the team of volunteers who will use a cherry-picker again to remove the lights from the trees, and to all involved in lantern-making and bonfire craft.


I should like to begin 2016 by expressing thanks and admiration to some of our unsung heroes – firstly to Warwick, who has brought this Magazine to such a great example of a parish magazine. It is a most useful and interesting one, and I am sure everyone appreciates the work and infinite patience you have put into it over the years as Editor, Warwick; you and Lorna (former Town Clerk) have between you really contributed so much to our community and our thanks and good wishes go to you both. Thank goodness we have been so lucky in that Jim, the new Editor and Annette the recently appointed Town Clerk are able to take these essential positions on. Happy futures to you all!! Still on the ‘thank you’ theme, I would like to express gratitude to Bryan Parsons, who took on the task of organising the provision of the ramp for easy access through the Church gates. I know from experience that projects like this take incredible amounts of time and fortitude to achieve: getting funding, plans, permissions, implementation and completion – well done Bryan, it will be taken for granted by some and appreciated by others for many years ahead, and this is a ‘thank you’ from me. My third ‘thank you’ is to Phil Chambers who is just always there to help and support, and has all sorts of expertise. I have witnessed this from many perspectives, having been a past neighbour as well as involved in various voluntary posts alongside him for many years now. He deserves a public thank you!


Very sadly, on 11th January we had to say goodbye to Jim Vallis who passed away on 11th January at the age of 87, who had a long life of contributing to the community. Jim was a larger-than-life character who took part for over 50 years in the town with a sense of enthusiasm and commitment seldom found these days. He came to Bradninch in the 1950s to take up the Duchy tenancy of Champerhaies Farm, farming there until semi-retirement. He was Town Mayor three times (I worked with him for 14 years as Town Clerk), Chair of Primary School Governors in 1982 when he appointed me to work in the office for the next 25 years, was a dedicated churchgoer, keen member of most of the clubs and societies here and elsewhere, and was a keen member of the Duchv Shoot, a sailor, carver, master of many crafts including painting which is how I came to take up watercolour painting at the Art Group of which he was a founder member; he loved hunting, shooting, nature study and his garden and of course wrote the much-loved ‘Notes from the Countryside’ in this very magazine as well as often contributing to other publications on various subjects. Jim’s art and craft work can be found all around us, especially in St Disen’s Church and in the Guildhall. He also loved to swim in the sea, to explore new places and to take part in new ventures (with his paint-box in his bag of course!). A very full life indeed, a valued friend and companion who was kind and thoughtful to all and his many friends and acquaintances miss him greatly. Our hearts go out to Hazel, Graham and Margaret and their families who loved their ‘Ra-Ra’ and to Jim’s sister Betty.


Looking forward now:The last few months of the Mayoral Year will be busy, completing projects and planning for The Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations on 22nd May. The Birthday Committee is meeting to fix arrangements which will shortly be reported back to the Town Council and then to the town. More offers of help please!! The Annual Parish Meeting, to which all electors are invited, is fixed for 25th April and the draft agenda for that will be placed in the March edition of the Magazine and finalised in the April issue – see you there!


Finally, some of our number on the Council have fixed holidays in this period, so we shall be working with fewer of us for two months, and any support will be most welcome. If your nearest contact is unavailable, please try another Member. I shall be here!

Jane Webber, Mayor.


Mayor’s Report – December2015/January 2016

The diary has been extraordinarily full, with lots ahead, and it is difficult to keep agendas short.  A busy Council and a lively community, and this is the busiest season of the year.

The Town Meeting, convened to take opinion of the town on how to celebrate H.M. The Queen’s 90th birthday fixed a date and formed a core committee to arrange a street party and entertainment in the afternoon of 22nd May after the morning Civic Service for the new Mayor. We hope all community groups will contribute and that all will join in. Thank you all who are already involved.

Remembrance Sunday in Bradninch was very well attended; wreaths laid by community organisations, followed by the service in the Baptist Church. The Scouts were on parade and impressive in their numbers and smartness. The Guildhall railings were again decorated by hand-crafted poppy banners thanks to Julie, and we can be proud of how we mark the occasion. People were generous when I sold poppies in Hele and I am sure that was the case throughout. Thanks to all who help.

Honoured to be invited to the Scouts’ AGM, I enjoyed the film and photos by the Explorers selected to attend the World Jamboree in Japan this summer. I heard the young people’s glowing report on their travels which included Tokyo, Hiroshima, a Bullet Train rideas well as ‘Ho-Ho’ (Home Hospitality in Japanese families) and the Jamboree of 33,000 Scouts from worldwide. Fundraising took two years beforehand, and I made7 doz. cakes sold at the Ten Tors event, helped at a disco in South Zeal, raffled a painting, mounted prints to give to Japanese helpers, and minded grandchildren while my daughter was leading the 30+ Devon contingent. I was not the only one - Scouting families are always heavily involved!! The Youth Groups are so busy: I judged the ‘Guys’ at the Fireworks and Bonfire at the Football Ground. So well organised, popular, and a great atmosphere! There were lots of Guys, and I chose according to ‘character’, awarding First and Second for those reminding me of someone! Beaver Scout lodges Ash and Oak won the prizes.

After his amazingly long life of 107 years we said goodbye to Mr. Albert (Bert) Yeo who died in November. I am very proud to have known him, and he was a remarkable man.

The Town Council is bringing the Emergency Plan up to date. Rick Andrews and I attended a Community Resilience Forum in November and we are now in a position to take it forward. There is a focus on this in the County and we are already ‘on the case’. We are relieved to hear that the newly surfaced track between Cemetery Lane and Charwell Lane is to have remedial work done by DCC to drain the top section where water has already washed out channels.

We all know this is a lively community – there have been some wonderful concerts, a play and plenty of entertainment and there is more to come. Christmas is coming with a packed programme of events, and thanks to our volunteers. The Bradninch Christmas Lights will be switched on on Friday 4th December at 7.00 pm at the Guildhall. Mulled wine and refreshments. See you there!

On 6th January the traditional Bradninch Twelfth Night Lantern Parade will converge on the Guildhall where the Mayor will dispense with the old Christmas Tree from the Balcony, and everyone will process to a bonfire to burn the old Christmas Trees and celebrate the change of season and looking forward to the year ahead. See you there!

A Very Happy Christmas to Everyone, and a Prosperous New Year.

Jane Webber, Mayor.


Mayor’s Report – November 2015

It has been a very interesting, busy and varied few weeks since my last report.   I did find a quiet week to continue walking the Welsh coast, and although we did not see any whales from the high cliffs this time, we saw more than 100 seal pups being suckled and guarded on the secluded beaches by their mothers. Only 650 miles left to complete the Welsh coast!

I would like to congratulate our Editor for the excellent second History Walk around Bradninch. So much to see and learn and it was good to show off the West End Youth Centre, which is so welcoming now for bookings as well as for Youth Clubs. We are very proud of it and the youth Club is thriving.

There were some sad times here in Bradninch and we can be proud of how our community reacts. The Football Club and all associated with football here turned out for a morale-boosting kick-around on Sunday 27th September following the tragic freak accident, which affected so many and I joined Football Members and others at Olly’s funeral in Bampton to represent our Town. Such a sad time for all and our thoughts are with the family.

I enjoyed some happier, creative events, such as making a wreath for Remembrance Sunday with the W.I., reflecting this year’s national centenary and now we are crafting 100 candles for a Christmas Tree in the chapel at Killerton. Hopefully the WI planter scheme in the Guildhall Square can be completed soon when MDDC finally move the bin to make way for the second basket. Thanks to Sylvia and Liz and John for fixing and planting the first basket, which has been lovely.

Creative and healthy was the foraging and jam-making session at Charwell Meadow Wetlands Reserve, when wild berries were collected and jammed on site. That jam was scrumptious and the wild fruiting hedge only planted three years ago for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee yielded much of the fruit.

I  attended  useful planning consultation events; the NW Development Master Plan for Cullompton and a meeting at Cullompton Council and David Black (DCC) re plans for road/bypass improvements for Cullompton, which of course affects Bradninch road-users.  The Rural Futures Conference held at the Met Office gave some helpful facts including Emergency Plan meetings and Broadband information -  log on to discover when we become ‘live’ (planned for October) and to see how to sign up. www.get-up-to-speed.co.uk (delivered as part of the Connecting Devon and Somerset programme).

We unveiled the new defilbrillator outside the Guildhall on 17th October. Funded by John Berry’s DCC Locality Budget and the Town Council, we hope it will not be needed, but could be a life-saver. There was an excellent training that day, and we learned from Andy Gittings our local First Responder that the use of the device is very easy, along with simple first aid. Andy will willingly run more trainings, and encourages others to come forward to train as First Responders.

Annette, our Town Clerk has arranged in-house Councillor training, primarily for new Members, but also for long-standing ones who will benefit from refreshers and updates.

Diary Dates:
Tuesday 3rd November: 7.30 p.m.: A Public Town Meeting to take the opinion of the Town on how to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday (a street party perhaps?). See you there, if only to listen!

Sunday 8th November: The Remembrance Day Ceremony and Service 11.45 a.m. at the War Memorial Poppy-sellers will be around from 25th October and RBL Coffee Morning 7th Nov. in the Guildhall. See you there!

Friday 4th December: The Christmas Lights Switch-on, 7 p.m. at the Guildhall. See you there!

Jane Webber, Mayor.


Mayor’s Report – September/October 2015

The youngsters are back at school and the Town Council has resumed regular meetings with a complete Council of twelve, having co-opted and welcomed Catherine Boyak as our newest Town Councillor. The ‘break’ gave us the chance to go away or follow other interests – not that nothing gets done in August!

For me, it was a chance to go away with some of our grandchildren and to spend many hours in the playgrounds here while child-minding – enjoying seeing them appreciate our improved playground. I also led the August Walks, which have been a real success, continuing into September and completing six walks and perhaps around twenty miles, zig-zagging around the parish. Graham, Beverley and Sylvia were my constant companions and we ranged from 7 walkers on that first deluging day to 23 plus 2 dogs another time. We admired the newly-painted old metal seats and sat on them, snipped brambles, bashed nettles, cleared obstructed gates, stiles and signs and rescued a bat which couldn’t get airborne just before a car passed over the road where it had been. David Abrahams (Bat Man?) took it somewhere in Ellerhayes where it could be cared for. For the first time no fly-tipping was spotted on any of the routes, but the heap dumped on the way to The Merry Harriers has now been reported and let’s hope the culprits will be identified. On the whole the routes were in better condition, except for a very rutted Strawberry Lane and a ‘jungle’ behind Caseberry Cottages. Very disappointingly, the newly improved Cemetery Lane/Charwell Lane route which was surfaced for a better journey to school on foot for Millway families is already in a bad state. The new surface has been washed out by rainwater and the Town Council has requested the necessary remedial/prevention works as it has become dangerous owing to ruts and channels. It is worth saying also that there are places in the town where private hedges  come over the pavements. They should only grow out to the inside edge of paths and if street name plates have to be cut around, the whole hedge needs cutting further back – thank you.

These walks are a very worthwhile, sociable and fun way of inspecting the Public Rights of Way and faults will now be reported. We look forward to doing it all again next year. See you there!

Congratulations again to Bert Yeo (107) and to Lily Lock (106), who celebrated their birthdays in August, and Judith and Gordon Wright for their Ruby Wedding Anniversary on Sunday 13th September. They were treated to a lovely cake after the Tea Service in St. Disen’s Church that afternoon. Some beautiful hymns and a lovely tea were chosen for that ‘Songs of Praise’ Service for gift appeal week.

On a sad note, we were so sorry to have to say goodbye to Dr. Peter Steele-Perkins, who was the GP in Bradninch from 1947, and who was regarded by so many as our traditional family doctor. He semi-retired in 1975 and continued part-time until he was 80. He was an important figure in the Town, sitting on many community governing bodies, including becoming the first Mayor of this current mayoralty in 1975 after several years as Chairman. I saw him on his 98th birthday, just two days before he died on 27th July and he opened and appreciated his card. He was a wonderful man and I feel privileged to have worked alongside him for many of our organisations, and I am honoured that his son Tony chose to read at the cremation service the letter I wrote to Dr. and Mrs. Steele-Perkins when they moved from Earlsland Cottage just a few weeks before Doctor died. I for one am very grateful for his contribution to our town, and every best wish goes to Mrs. Steele-Perkins and the family, and thanks to Tony for forwarding to me copies of documents relating to his father’s prestigious war service.

Good news now! The defibrillator has been installed in front of the Guildhall, and it will be fully operational by the time you read this. There will be an official ceremony after the coffee morning on 17th October 11.45 a.m. to thank those who have enabled this very welcome piece of equipment to be available to us. See you there!

Jane Webber, Mayor.


Mayor’s Report – July/August 2015

July has been another typical month, with a flurry of events alongside the Town Council’s routine work.

Annette, our Town Clerk, has already completed her first year in office! We doubted we could find anyone to fill Lorna’s place as well as she did, but I believe we have! I know, having been there myself, that the job of Town Clerk with a family and other commitments is a juggling act. Part-time jobs are hard to manage, and this one can be at any time, but Annette is proving she can, and with a smile.

The newly-appointed Councillors are settling into their four-year term of office. Town Councillors give their time and expertise entirely voluntarily, and there is much to learn, so the first year can be hard to get used to. Thank you also to the stalwarts who continue into a further term. We hope to be a complete Council of twelve Members soon. Still on the subject of volunteering, we thank Cliff Bennett our caretaker for taking up our invitation for volunteers to undertake jobs around the town – he has painted the refurbished metal benches placed in useful places many years ago and they are looking really smart. It will have been noticed too that the Scouts have been cleaning road signs and tidying.

The Annual Civic Service was held later in the year than usual, on 12th July, in St Disen’s Church. Those who attended will agree that Rev. Judith Wright and all involved made it a memorable start to the Council year. This is an important tradition, when the whole Council and Town Trust, led by the Mayor and Clerk, come together with the town for a service, at the beginning of the new Mayor’s year. The youth groups and local organisations are represented. This year we were honoured with the presence of our County Councillor John Berry and his wife District Councillor Rosemary and apologies were received from District Council Chairman John Daw. Next year’s service will be in the Baptist Church at the end of May (already in the diary) and we look forward to good attendance. See you there!

Other official occasions:

  1. Celebration on 28th June of phase one of our Recreation Ground improvements, when we cut a ribbon at the playground for an afternoon of entertainment and celebration. Most importantly, the children had a wonderful time. MDDC Councillor John Daw and his wife were able to attend, our first meeting with him since being Chair of MDDC, and they were very interested in our recreational facilities and the work we do. We told him there is more to come!
  2. The official opening of the new housing in Millway was on 8th July, when Duchy School children cut the ribbon and we all enjoyed tea in the Guildhall afterwards - an opportunity to meet new residents, all involved, and discuss ongoing traffic/parking and tree planting concerns with the developers.
  3. Sadly for me, I could not accept the invitation to open the School Sports this year, but it was a superb sunny event by all accounts and the Deputy Mayor Elise Anne stepped in to attend. This is another long-standing tradition in the town, whereby the Mayor opens the annual school sports by invitation.

I hope to attend as many community and group events as I can this year, and who knows, we could be celebrating in Bradninch next April for Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th birthday – it will be on the agenda!

There’s no August meeting of the Town Council, the next full meeting on 14th September at 7.30 p.m. Litter-pick 12th September, and please join me for the Wednesday Footpath Walks on Aug. 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th and Sept 2nd, 6pm from the Guildhall.See you there!


Mayor’s Diary – June 2015/July 2015

Town Council business this session is off with a swing (sorry about the pun!), as the first phase of recreation ground improvements at Kensham Avenue is complete. A second phase is in the planning, and various forms of consultation exercise are under way. We now have a new Uncle Tom’s Cabin replacing the much-loved log cabin on stilts which just got too old, a roundabout suitable for wheelchairs as well as for standard use with easy access through a new gate and an outdoor table-tennis table. A Grand Opening will take place at the Recreation Ground on Sunday, 28th June, and all are invited to bring everyone along to try out the new play equipment and to enjoy the entertainments.

In May Nigel and I were off to Landunvez with the Twinning Group. A wonderful weekend of fun with visits, picnics, meals and gatherings. The combined group amounting to around 50 of mixed ages, including eight younger children and three teenagers, soon fell into a pattern of English/French to communicate, taking full part in the whole experience. Useful for the youngsters’ forthcoming exams!

Landunvez has a new Mayor and also a brand new Town Hall (The Mairie). Jean Michel Bizien is no longer Mayor having stepped down after 18 years, but continuing as a twinning member, and we were able to meet the new Mayor, Monsieur Jean Helies , who welcomed us outside the new Mairie, invited us inside and gave us a guided tour. We also had a photograph taken of the whole group which was in the local paper the next day. The Mayor’s P.A., Madame Danielle Duclos (with a young family) is also the president of their Twinning Association, which is useful. I suggested to the Mayor that it would be nice if he could come to Bradninch next year when it is the 40th anniversary of Twinning in Bradninch.

The Scouts held an excellent litter pick and Town Spring Clean-up session, members of the Town Council invited to join in. I hear that the Scouts found it really good, and I hope people will have noticed that street signs have been cleaned, weeds removed and litter collected. That was a real service to the community, with many benefits.

As I write, the Musical Gardens weekend has led into the Music Festival week. Always a joy, the gardens were beautiful and the Art Exhibition at Manor Farmhouse amazed many people that there is so much local talent. The Living Memories exhibition in the Guildhall was intriguing and useful, too. I have just attended the first night of the play Fifty Shades of Beige, which I have to say was so true to real life, the actors must have worked from known characters (I must be more careful how I walk and sit!). Penny Bloomfield must be congratulated on her brilliantly written and directed production, and the actors for not only depicting the characters so well, but for keeping a straight face!

The Town Council is still one Member short, and we need to co-opt someone to join us. The vacancy is to represent the Rural Ward, but it is not necessary to reside in the outer area. I myself am a Rural Ward Member , and simply take part in the same way as the Town Ward Members. If you would like to apply, please do so in writing to the Town Clerk (see separate advert) by 10th July. We have a programme of work to complete as per the budget and resolutions already made and a new team since May. There is no full meeting in August, although other business continues. We meet next on 13th July and resume on September 14th at the temporary new time of 7.30 pm.

The Civic Service is on 12th July at 11 a.m. in St. Disen’s Church, when the Youth Groups also attend on parade, and it would be lovely to see as many of you as possible, to support us. All are welcome. Lastly, please note that I shall be leading the August Walks again, covering all the public Rights of Way in the parish to inspect and report on their condition. I welcome as many people as possible to join me, as it is an opportunity to chat and it helps to keep the paths open. We only walk at the speed of the slowest person and walks are about 2 hours max.; the routes enable walkers to cut back into centre of town if they wish. Stout shoes and suitable clothing, a stick and possibly secateurs are good.

‘August Walks’ dates:
Wednesdays, 5th, 12th, 19th 26th August and 2nd September. Starting 6 p.m. starting from the Guildhall
See you there!

All good wishes for an enjoyable Summer. Jane Webber, Mayor.


Mayor’s Diary – April 2015/May 2015

  • Thursday 23rd April – Annual Parish Meeting preview with Clerk

  • Saturday 25th April – Speaker @ Baptist Church Mens’ Breakfast

  • Monday 27th April – Chair Annual Parish Meeting in Guildhall

  • Tuesday 28th April – Update Parish Plan Action Plan

  • Thursday 30th April – Question & Answer session with Scout Explorer Group

  • Sunday 30th April – Fraserfest @ Tedbridge

  • Tuesday 5th May – Agenda meeting with Clerk & Deputy

  • Thursday 7th May – Visit election voting in Guildhall

  • Monday 11th May – Full Town Council Meeting (Election and handover to new Mayor)

Saturday Guildhall Coffee Mornings (25th April & 2nd May)
Thursday c@bbc (16th @ 23rd April, Vicki alone on 30th April, 7th May)
Tuesday 5th May - Hele Society meeting with Network Rail @ old station building

Looking Ahead:

  • Saturday 16th May – Town Council Coffee Morning (new Mayor’s charity) in Guildhall
  • Friday 5th June – Hele Society Litter Pick
  • Weekend 6th/7th June – Musical gardens, including Festival Choir @ Dukes House
  • Wednesday/Thursday/Friday 10th-12th June – Bradninch Players production in Guildhall
  • Weekend 12th-14th June – Music Festival incl. Festival Choir @ Guildhall on Sat 13th June
  • Saturday 27th June – Bradninch Charity Ball in Guildhall
  • Sunday 12th July – Civic Service @ 11.00am in St Disen’s Church

Rick Andrews, Mayor.


Mayor’s Diary – March 2015/April 2015

  • Thursday 14th March – Bradninch Break-Out, Waterstave Bridge Opening (including interview on Radio Devon and BBC Spotlight TV coverage)

  • Friday 20th March – Partial Eclipse comes to Bradninch!

  • Monday 23rd March – Bradninch Youth Centre Trust meeting @ West End Hall

  • Wednesday 25th March – Councillor nominations into MDDC; Improving Local Resilience Workshop at MDDC offices, Tiverton

  • Monday 30th March – Tuesday 7th April - Skiing trip to Austria with ‘Castle’ group

  • Wednesday 8th April – Agenda meeting with Clerk

  • Thursday 9th April – New Council nominations announced by MDDC (no election)

  • Friday 10th April – History Society meeting (European Union treaties - Warwick Knowles)

  • Saturday 11th April – St Disen’s Churchyard Council-sponsored clear-up

  • Monday 13th April – Finance sub-committee & Full Council meetings (last one!)

Saturday Guildhall Coffee Mornings (14th, 21st & 28th March, 11th April)
Thursday c@bbc (12th & 26th March & 9th April)
Saturday 14th & 28th March - Hele Society working parties
Wednesday 25th March - Hele Society bi-monthly meeting

Looking Ahead:

  • Saturday 25th April – Speaker @ Baptist Church Mens’ Breakfast
  • Monday 27th April – Chair Annual Parish Meeting in Guildhall
  • Thursday 30th April – Question & Answer session with Scout Group
  • Monday 11th May – Full (New) Council Meeting (Election and handover to new Mayor)

Rick Andrews, Mayor.


Mayor’s Diary – February 2015/March 2015

  • Wednesday 18th February – Update of Parish Plan Action Plan

  • Tuesday 24th February – Youth Club AGM in West End Hall

  • Wednesday 25th February – Tennis Club AGM at St Disen’s Hall

  • Sunday 1st March – Triple full-immersion baptisms service at Bradninch Baptist Church

  • Monday 2nd March – Agenda meeting with Clerk for Town Council meeting on 9th March

  • Monday 2nd March – Emergency Council meeting to approve various expenditures

  • Monday 9th March – Devon Association of Local Councils County Committee, Exeter

  • Monday 9th March – Full Town Council Meeting

Saturday Guildhall Coffee Mornings (14th & 28th February)
Thursday c@bbc (19th & 26th February, 5th March)
History Society talk by Cllr David Pugsley at St Disen’s Hall (Friday 13th February)
Hele Society working parties at Hele Centre & old station building (Saturday 14th & 28th February)

Looking Ahead:

  • Monday 23rd March – Bradninch Youth Centre Trust meeting at West End Hall
  • Monday 30th March – latest date for announcement of forthcoming elections
  • Monday 30th March/Tuesday 7th April – Skiing holiday in Austria with Bradninch group!
  • Thursday 9th April – Nominations deadline for Town Council election on 7th May
  • Wednesday 8th April – Agenda meeting with Clerk for Council meetings 13th April
  • Monday 13th April – Finance sub-committee & Full Council Meetings

Rick Andrews, Mayor.


Mayor’s Diary – December 2014/January 2015

  • Thursday 11th December – Senior Citizens’ Christmas Lunch @ Duchy School

  • Friday 12th December – Host to Town Council Christmas Drinks

  • Saturday 13th December – St Disen’s Celebration of Christmas Concert (with the Festival Choir and Stringy Windbags) – a real triumph for Marion B.

  • Monday 15th December – Clerk’s Confirmation Review (with JW/AM); delighted - AM to stay!!

  • Thursday 18th December – Planning Sub-Committee site visit & briefing from Mr V Ebdon

  • Thursday 25th December – Christmas Day Service at Bradninch Baptist Church

  • Monday 5th January – Agenda meeting with Clerk for Council meeting on Mon12 Jan
    – Finance Sub-Committee to set budget & precept for FY 2015/16
    – Bradninch Youth Centre Trust trustees’ meeting

  • Tuesday 6th January – 12th Night celebration @ Guildhall/Football Field

  • Friday 9th January – Meeting with Devon County Council @ Millway

  • Monday 12th January – Full Town Council Meeting

Saturday Guildhall Coffee Mornings (13th & 27th December, 3rd January)
Thursday c@bbc (11th December & 1st January)

Looking Ahead:

  • Tuesday 13th January – Elections seminar (CommunityCouncil of Devon offices) + AM
  • Monday 26th January – Recreation & Amenities Sub-committee meeting
  • Monday 9th February – Full Council Meeting

Rick Andrews, Mayor.


Mayor’s Diary – November/December 2014

  • Saturday 15 November – Churchyard Clean-Up

  • Wednesday 19 November – DCC Leader, John Hart, ‘Tough Choices’ meeting in Cullompton

  • Friday 28 November – Christmas Lights up

  • Saturday 29 November – Town Quiz in Guildhall

  • Sunday 30 November – Baptist Church Christmas Lunch @ Merry Harriers

  • Monday 1 December – DALC County Committee meeting in Exeter

  • Tuesday 2 December – Agenda meeting with the Clerk

  • Thursday 4 December – Bradninch Allotments Tenants’ Association meeting

  • Friday 5 December – Christmas Lights Switch-On

  • Monday 8 December – Full council meeting

Plus: Saturday Guildhall Coffee Mornings (22, 29 November & 6 December); Thursday c@bbc (27 November (Vicki) & 4 December); Hele Society Social (Saturday 29 November) & old Station Building Steering Group meeting (Wednesday 3 December)

Looking Ahead:

  • Monday 11 December – Senior Citizens’ Lunch @ Duchy School
  • Friday 12 December – Host to Town Council Christmas Drinks
  • Saturday 13 December – St Disen’s Celebration of Christmas Concert
  • Thursday 25 December – Service at Baptist Church
  • Monday 5 January – Bradninch Youth Centre Trust meeting
  • Tuesday 6 January – 12th Night celebration
  • Monday 12 January – Full Council meeting

and you can usually find me at the Saturday Guildhall Coffee Mornings and, on Thursday mornings at c@bbc.

Rick Andrews, Mayor.


Mayor’s Diary – October/November 2014

  • Tuesday 21 October – DALC Budgets & Precepts Seminar @ CCD Exeter (+ PC & Clerk)
    Christmas Lights meeting

  • Wednesday 22 October – Bradninch Youth Centre Trust meeting

  • Saturday 25 October - Re-opening of St Disen’s Hall

  • Saturday 1 November - Mens’ Breakfast at Baptist Church

  • Sunday 2 November – Bonfire & Fireworks (+ judge guys)

  • Monday 3 November – DALC Small Councils’ Meeting @ CCD Exeter (am)

  • Tuesday 4 November – Agenda meeting with the Clerk (am)
    – Meeting with Affinity Sutton at Hornbeam Gardens
    – Mid Devon Councillor Healthcare Briefing (+ JB)

  • Thursday 6 November – MDDC Chairmen & Clerks Information Session

  • Sunday 9 November – Remembrance Sunday parade & service

  • Monday 10 November – Full council meeting

Plus: Saturday Guildhall Coffee Mornings (18 & 25 October); Thursday c@bbc (23 & 30 October); Hele Society old Station Building Steering Group meeting (Wednesday 15 October) & Working Party (Saturday 18 October).

Looking Ahead:

  • Saturday 15 November – Churchyard Tidy-Up
  • Wednesday 19 November – DCC ‘Tough Choices’ – John Hart (Cullompton)
  • Wednesday 26 November – Hele Society Station Building Steering Group
  • Friday 28 November – Christmas Lights up
  • Sunday 29 November – Hele Society Social; Bradninch Town Quiz
  • Monday 1 December – DALC County Committee @ CCD Exeter
  • Friday 5 December – Christmas Lights switch-on
  • Monday 8 December – Full council meeting

and you can usually find me at the Saturday Guildhall Coffee Mornings and, on Thursday mornings at c@bbc.

Rick Andrews, Mayor.


Mayor’s Diary – September 2014

  • Friday 12 September – Burials sub-committee meeting

  • Sunday 14 September – Bradninch Youth Club 1st Birthday @ West End Hall

  • Tuesday 16 September - Recreation & Amenities sub committee meeting

  • Friday 19 September - Photographs with Burt Yeo & Lily Lock and BYC Birthday in Culm Valley Star local newspaper

  • Friday 19 September – Attended CPRE/Mel Stride MP meeting in Okehampton with the Clerk

  • Sunday 21 September – AVAAZ/Sustainable Bradninch event outside Guildhall

  • Sunday 21 September – Cllr John Berry’s Mid Devon District Annual Church Service with wife, Vicki, and Deputy, Cllr Jane Webber, held at Blundells School, Tiverton

  • Thursday 25 September – Planning sub-committee meeting

  • Friday 26 September – Christmas Lights meeting

  • Monday 29 September – Allotments Rent payment session

  • Monday 6 October – Agenda meeting with the Clerk

  • Monday 6 October – Emergency Full Council Meeting

  • Saturday 11 October – DALC AGM & Conference @ Westpoint, Exeter

  • Monday 13 October – Full Council & Finance sub-committee meetings

  • Plus: Two Guildhall Saturday Coffee Mornings, Hele Society meeting (30 Sep) and Saturday Working Party at old Station Building; Hele Society webpage update

Looking Ahead:

  • Saturday 18 October – Coffee Morning in Guildhall
  • Tuesday 21 October – DALC Budgets & Precepts Seminar
  • Monday 3 November – DALC Small Councils’ Meeting
  • Monday 3 November – Agenda meeting with the Clerk
  • Tuesday 4 November – Mid Devon Councillor Healthcare Briefing
  • Thursday 6 November – MDDC Chairmen & Clerks Information Session
  • Sunday 9 November – Remembrance Sunday parade & service
  • Monday 10 November – Full council meeting

Rick Andrews, Mayor.


The Mayor’s Report to the Annual Parish Meeting 28th April 2014

Firstly I would like to apologize for my absence this evening and thank my Deputy Rick Andrews for covering me.

For almost a year we have been down to 11 Councillors following the resignation of Simon Thytherleigh but can now announce that we will be back up to 12 following the co-option at the April meeting of Roger Hallam and look forward to welcoming him to the Council at the next meeting.

This year we have started to see the development to Millway and we will endeavour to ensure the provisions that were guaranteed to the Council are fulfilled including the cycle track from Cemetary Lane to Hele Road and that the houses are given to Bradninch people or people with a Bradninch connection.

The Council acting as the Bradninch Youth Centre Trust have now handed over the lease to the newly formed Youth Club, and have just secured funding for heating to be installed and fencing to be replaced in the outside space to the rear.

The youth club is now open every Wednesday from 7-9pm for all secondary school pupils and we are very fortunate to have an excellent and committed group of volunteers ensuring its success, however we are always looking for new helpers to support an evening for 2 hours once a month. I have now recently taken on the role of chairman for the youth club and wish to thank Katy Taylor and Rosie Allaway who volunteer every week to take on the running of the club and have built a great repor with the young people of Bradninch and also a big thank you to our treasurer Cllr Mike Leonard who has done fantastic work securing much needed funds for the club and we hope you can come in to see the club during the musical gardens weekend where we will be displaying art and having a bbq.

Bradninch has continued well with its annual traditions and events and it’s always great to see them so well attended. During the past 12 months it has been a pleasure to attend many of the events including the Musical Gardens weekend, the Music Festival, Bradninch Rocks, the fireworks display and the Twelth Night procession. I thank all the tireless efforts made by all involved and look forward to all again this year.

As some of you may know our Town Clerk Lorna has tendered her resignation and I thank her for her 15 years of service and all the hard work she puts in to our community and has been a real asset to the Town, we have been fortunate for her knowledge and expertise and contributions to ensuring Council business runs smoothly and working above and beyond at all times.

With that in mind we are now advertising for the soon to be vacant Clerks position and invite people who maybe interested to apply. Details will be displayed in the Parish Magazine and are on the Council notice board and in the shop window.

Thank you to all Councillors for their support over the last 12 months and especially the four committee chairs. Joan Brown for her tireless efforts with the planning work. Elise Anne for her excellent work on the allotments. Phil Chambers for his work with Burials and having all burial details catalogued on the Town Council Website, and finally Jane Webber for her outstanding contributions to the Recreation and Ammenities committee and I look forward to continuing to work with Jane as we look to secure funding for new pieces of equipment for the rec.

Thanks must also go to my Deputy Rick Andrews, he has been a real support to me and I am delighted to announce that he will formally be elected Mayor in May. Finally thank you to our County and District Councillor John Berry for attending our meetings wherever possible and giving us support and regular updates with information from Devon County and Mid Devon District Councils. It truly has been an honour serving you as Mayor and 1look forward to continuing my work with Council and owe so much to all for their continued support.

Luke Taylor
Mayor of Bradninch 2013/4