Here we report on recent issues and forthcoming events:

As already anounced on these pages, there are now two vacancies for the position of Town Councillor on Bradninch Town Council following the resignation of Julie Drew and Paul Clement. The official notices of these vacancies can be found at:

Vacancy 1
Vacancy 2


The Town Trust are very sorry to receive notice that Jane Fogden, the Clerk to the Town Trust will be resigning. Jane has given advanced warning so that the Trust will have plenty of time to appoint a suitable replacement.

Jane has given many years of outstanding service and will be difficult to replace. However, people with suitable clerical skills are invited to apply for the role, which is made up of three parts: Clerk to the Town Trust; Clerk to the Guildhall Management Committe and Guildhall Lettings Clerk.

The full advertisement can be found here:


Regretfully, the Council meeting on 12th February received the resignation of Cllr Julie Drew. Julie said she felt she could not give the Council duties the attention they need because of work and personal commitments. This means that we now have two vacancies which we will endeavour to fill following statutory proceedures.


At the Council meeting on 8th January Councillors were pleased to Co-opt Mrs Gill Taylor to fill the existing vacancy, giving us a full compliment of 12 Councillors.

Unfortunately, on 16th January the Town Clerk reported that she had received the resignation of Cllr Paul Clement, so we have a vacancy again!