Here we report on recent issues and forthcoming events:


Stagecoach have issued a timetable for shuttle busses between Bradninch and Cullompton. The proposed service will run between the Hele Road/Townlands junction in Bradninch and the Tesco Roundabout in Cullompton. During the day buses run every hour. You can download a copy below:



Network Rail have now stated that they will provide a footpath from Hele to the railway crossing while Station Road is closed. This will make it possible for residents of Hele who do not have mobility problems to walk to the bus route on the B3181 rather than walking to Townlands to catch the shuttle bus.



Bradninch Town Council discussed the Station Road development at an Extraordinary Council Meeting yesterday evening. The agenda was to discuss the progress with the bus service. Unfortunately, the planning application had not been submitted by the time the agenda had to be issued so no resolutions could be made relating to that. In order that the planning application can be discussed as an agenda item as soon as possible, a further Extraordinary Council Meeting has been called for Tuesday 29th May at the Guildhall at 7:30pm.


Network Rail have confirmed that they will be funding a shuttle bus service to link Bradninch to the service route in Cullompton. This service will start on Tuesday 29th May. A timetable for this service will be published soon and we will give details as soon as we can.